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rillagirl's Journal
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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
2:44 pm
I hate working with women!!! Gah!!!! They are just like me--moody, bitchy and snotty!! I cannot stand it. There, that's my rant for the day so far.
Monday, October 14th, 2013
11:50 am
What is the point of email if all you are going to do is print each and every single one of them??!!!! I need a job where I am by myself so people don't get on my nerves...because honestly EVERYONE does!!!
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
9:45 am
The vet
I took Binks to the vet this morning. I had to get him his rabies and other shots so that we could get him and the other pets registered with the Humane Society. Turns out Binks has a small heart murmur. It's nothing serious rightnow, but could be. THe vet said we could just let him go as he is now and just check it on his yearly exams. spend $85 for a full body blood test or if we really wanted to get serious we could take him to Kansus State where they could run an EKG. I talked to Rich and for right now we will just have them check it on his yearly exams. The vet gave me signs to look for to tell us its getting worse but he should be OK. I almost started crying when the vet said heart murmur. I have never had anything go bad witha pet like that. He is 6 years old and about half way there when it comes to pets, but I still want ot give him a good life. He should be OK all in all, just gotta watch him.
There was this HUGE!!! black lab there as I was leaving. This dog looked like a small bear. He was so cute though. BUt the vet saved me a trip to the Humane Society and I was able to register all four pets there. Yeah!
Friday, February 11th, 2005
8:54 am
I feel really uncomfortable. My belly is getting huge, I always feel full and bloated and I can't sit comfortably. I don't understand those women that love being pregnant or say they feel so beautiful!! Not that I hate it, the last fe wmonth though just stink! I get so hungry, eat three botes of something and I am full. I can't sleep comfy. If I lay down on the sofa it's an event just to get up, which I have to do often to pee or let Tyler pee.I have 6 1/2 weeks, ooh, please go by fast. Plus I just feel very unattractive right now.I hope, hope, hope I am able to lose most of this weight by the time I go back to work. Provided I go natural I hope to start walking again every day like I was before. I can't afford the gym but I love to take walks with the dog.
I just rearranged my desk at work. No matter what I do I don't like it. It's just smaller than my old one. I hope I get used to this way. I just have a desk with the writing thing on the left and I am right handed.
Tyler's birthday is in 2 weeks! I can't believe he is FINALLY going to be a year old.
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
9:11 am
My OneSweep!!!
I got my OneSweep in the mail Friday. I LOVE IT!!!! I have been picking up sp much pet hair it's unbelievable!!! Best $20 I ever spent!!!It's so getting all the hair up the vacuum doesn't get.
We have been paingint all weekend. Rich decided to paint the hall bathroom brick red!! Oh dear, the primer alone is scary. It's just so, red!! I am sure it will look good after we get a few coats on. But the rest of the entry way is done and the baby's room is done. My mom and Dave came over and helped and it helped out A LOT!! If they hadn't Rich and I would have lost motivation and probably just done the baby's room. Now I am just trying to clean so it looks decent. Rich is working with his dad to get the heater in the basement up. He hopes it goes fast, he hates working with his dad.
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
8:32 pm
Jimmy Wallet
He is the guy in California that lost 3 of his daughters and wife in the muslides. I watch the news every morning and this just made me cry. I watched the first morning when they showed him tirelessly looking himself thruough the mud and debris. I mean this guy did all he could, and they showed a picture of him sitting on the rubble crying. It broke my heart. Then yesterady to find out they were all dead was horrible. This morning I was watching the Today show and they interviewed him. I couldn't help but cry. Chalk it up to pregnant or what have you but this poor man. You could tell he just loved his wife and family with everything he had. It just struck something in me and i cried. He then went on to say how he was going to continue to help the rescue people look for others. He truely is a special person.
6:12 pm
I just got home from meeting the lady I called first for daycare. I now have daycare!! She is so incerdibly nice and so child oriented it's not even funny. I got the same great vibe from her in person that I got from her on the phone. She has two of her own little girls, but there are toys and games and puzzles and dolls everywhere. One thing she mentioned that makes me feel good is that she is more into activities thatn watching movies or tv. Each day they have activities or picnics in the backyard things like that. Plus!!! She's only $100 a week!! That will be the lowest I will ever find. I spent about an hur at her house just talking to her. She is great and I feel REALLY good about her watching my son.
Yesterday I went to my specialist. He asked how I was doing and I said for the most part fine. I told him about the sinus infection and that I was having pain in my crotch. It felt like someone kicked me in my crotch. He said soemthing about pre-term labor. WHAT?! say that again? SO he said let's do your regular ultrasound then we will do a vaginal one to measure your cervix. Ok. THe regular one was great. I got to see the baby blink his eyes, then one of the pics we got was of him ywaning. SO they did the vaginal one, yipee. Everything looked fine but he gave me a paper with a checklist of things to look for for pre-term labor. He said just to stay light on my feet and sleep on my left side. I did that as soon as I got home and all last night. I felt fine at work today, it still hurts but not as bad as yesterday. I guess I just can't go crazy cleaning and stuff around here like I like to. I feel like I walk with a stick up my ass but hey who cares right?
I go to my OB next week, maybe I'll have him check down south if I still have pain just to make sure. Some girl at work tried to play Doctor and tell me my pelvic bone was splitting. Give me a break, I have hips big enough to carry triplets. Rich had to go into work early tonite. I had no idea, I thought he had to hang this mroning and would still be sleeping, that's why I stopped by Renee's house to meet her. I am going to go eat, watch The OC and lay down with the dog. I am really tired so maybe I'll go to bed early tonite.
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
11:22 am
Monday, January 10th, 2005
6:06 pm
I totally was stressing out today. I got a late start on my work at work because of our monthly meeting. Plus I had a TON of factory calls. Meanwhile I see the calls going up and praying they don't ask me to get on. All this work stress I have going on in the back of my mind that I only have 11 weeks left until I have a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a pediatrician, daycare, the room painted, NADA. First thing this morning I had to find a groomer to shave my pussy,er,cat. Finally found one that was only $40 and can take him Saturday. Done. Then Ok, the pediatrician. I think I will just ask my OB to recommend one. None of the people I work with live near me or in my area so I will just see what he says. Done. Daycare,oyyy, where do I start. I have the Sunday papers for the past few weeks and thats what a girl at work did. SHe called the ones in the paper for in home and found what she was looking for there. I only called one at lunch because the breakroom is really loud and I didn't have much time. I REALLY liked this lady. It's $100 every week and I DO NOT have to pay if he isn't there. She used to work full time but decided to do this and she and her husband understand the needs of parents that want day care. That is one reason she will not charge you if the kid isn't there. Let's see, she is CPR ceritfied and in the process of getting licensed. She would be by the time my kid gets there. EVen when she gets licensed she will not take more than 5 kids even though she could have more. I asked for referneces which she had right on hand. She also said I coudl stop by anytime, gave me her address and that was because she had nothing to hide. I know she is oly the first lady I have called and I need to call more but I had her put me on the waiting list. There is one family ahead of me but they may not go with her, the father lost his job and they may not need her. I hope i get her but I am still going to call around. I know I cannot go with the first one I call. But I feel really good about her. So tomorrow I will call a few more and see what they say.
I am so excited!! I should get my One Sweep carpet rake soon!!!!!
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
9:40 am
Getting help
I talked to RIch last night. I just told him I need some help. I don't expect him to get down on his hands and knees and clean like I do, but when you see I haven't vacummed in a few days grab it and do a quick job. Or if the dishwasher is full empty it. I still like to do a majority of the house work because I like it done a certain way but I just need some help. He felt bad and said he understood. He told me he would make an effort to help out more. I told him I don't want him to think I'm nagging I just don't want him to be lazy. I remember him telling me before that he hates to clean because he did SO much of it in the military. That's not my fault. Plus he wanted this dog and this dog is driving me crazy.I cannot wait to get a carpet rake. There is so much hair everywhere it's disgusting. I justhope my vacuum doesn't break from all the pet hair. I tried going to walmart this morning to pick up some things before Rich got home but there is a ton of snow piled in front of my driveway AGAIN!Needless to say my truck got stuck. Luckily I got it back in the driveway and here I am. Myabe I'll shampoo the carpet in the basement and dust. I can get those done. I wanted to go buy Tyler some shampoo and a brush so we can give him a bath and hopefully get some of this shedding hair off of him. I;m sick of the static electricity too. I think I'll call around to some groomers now and see how much they charge to shave a cat. Damn cat. I swear we will never ever again havethis many animals. I want to get down to one and that's it!
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
6:00 pm
I know I shouldn't get depressed about this but I do. My house is disgusting and remember this is a brnad new house, not even a year old. Mainly the carpet. I am going to vacuum tonite but Tyler had made a mess of the carpet with this hair shedding and the things he chews on or destroys. Then there are clumps of hair from Binks. I want to get him shaved but the place we usually go to doesn't do cats anymore. I am scared to make an appointment somewhere else for MOnday because Rich will probably forget.Plus I Need to get the guy back out here for our master bath window. Made two appointments with him and Rich missed both. I can't do everything and I feel like I have to. All I ask is for him to do a few simple things and he either forgets or sleeps. I ended up doing the litter boxes finally. I had been bugging him for a week and a half. Yes a week and a half. I just grabbed his gas mask so I'd be safe and did them. I mean how hard is it? It takes 15 minutes. I just want to cry sometimes. He is a great husband and he works really hard but I Just need a little help. I think I am going to talk to him tonite when he gets up because I am just about to bawl my eyes out or yell at him and I dont want to do either. I will just talk to him and tell him how I feel. I know he doesn't like to feel like he has to do chores or what have you on his days off but what does he think I do? Plus all of my doctor's appointments. I need him to give the dog a bath and get someof this hair off. I need him to help me bathe the cats and do the same thing. I need him to take the cat MOnday to get shaved and be here some day next week or so so the guy from our home place can inspect the window in the bathroom. I don't like to do this shit either but come on. I can't do everything. If I could be home during the week to do it I would but I work M-F.
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
5:16 pm
Bitch and Moan
Ok All I am going to do is bitch about a few things. First off, we got a foot of snow yesterday/lastnight. I was proud of myself as I did the driveway again. So I go to leave and there is a ton of snow at the end of my driveway, but I am sure I cna get through. Nope got stuck. I get the shovel and start shoveling the snow from under my tires. Two,yes two trucks drive past me. NOw these assholes live in the cauldesac across the street from me. I didn't see who they were but they did they stop to help the pregnant lady. Even if they couldn't see I was pregnant I live in your neighborhood man, I'm your neighbor, help a sister out!! I got it out though and got to work OK.
Second gripe. I had a follow up appointment with my ENT doc to make sure my sinus infection was all good. I could have told him I was fine. But I was in there 5 minutes he looked in my ears and nose and said I'm fine, gave me a paper on how to make my own saline solution and I was done. I go to check out and I have to pay a co-pay. $20!!! just to say yeah you're better. Well no shit Sherlock!!!GRRR!!! And my ass is broke!!
Third gripe. Again, we got a foot of snow. THe roads aren't the best but they are not horrible either. Why the hell would someone be talking on their cell phone???Wouldn't you want to be paying attention?? Jesus, some people just blow my mind. If someone hit me that was on their cell phone I would have to bitch out or beat. I may be pregnant but don't screw with me.
Ok I feel better now.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
8:40 am
Let it snow
Last night it snowed about 7 inches. It is supposed to start up again today at lunch and do another 8 inches. Rich made it to work alright, I just hope he makes it home OK. He has to hang, which I figured since I know most people would be late or not come in. The power plant is of course in the middle of no where. Ok, so I got up 30 minutes early because I knew I woul dhave to snowblow the driveway. Got all ready, got out there, did Rich's side of the driveway and the little chimney that the snow blows out of popped off!!! Snow is just blowing straight up. I take it in the garage and close the door and try to get this thing back on. It doesn't jsut snap on. I found the directions but there are little clips that I could not move! All I appcomplished was getting grease all over my hands. I didn't want to break the damn thing. I decided just to leave. I manuvered my truck onto Rih's side of the driveway and got out. The neighborhood had not been touched by the plows yet but I didn't stop, I just kept going. Once I hit the main road it was plowed (it's an emergency snow route) I was good to go. I just took my time. I think that's all you need. If you take your time you are OK. And as long as they keep the streets good and get to my neighborhood I think we'll be alright.
Tyler LOVES the snow!!He tore into the backyard last night to play. He's so funny. He would run in circles then stop and look at you and his ears were all standing up. The he would tear off again! I let him play for about 20 minutes and he was tired!! He played some more this morning too. I charged my video camera battery so I can get it on video, it's too cute not to.
Ok back to work. I just hope when the snow starts again today it's not bad!!!
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:52 am
rambling again....
It is supposed to snow tonite/tomorrow. THey say we can get anywhere from 6-12 inches. Damn! At least Rich can use his snow blower finally. I will still have to go to work though. They consider us essential staff. Customer service, let me risk my life and car getting to work just to get yelled at all day. Hey, its the job and I know this but why? I Guess we are entertainment for people who are stuck at home and have nothing to do. They will call us and ask us questions.I need to get my video camera out so I can get Tyler in the snow. He loves it and just thinks its the greatest thing. We are still trying to get the digital camera going. I have the camera itself figured out but I have left the software and uploading to Rich and he has been really busy. He will do it this week. I just hate bad weather because I am always so scared of something happening to Rich on his way to work(at night) or me getting stuck. I am the worst worry-wort. THanks Dad! I worry about Rich so much. I know he is a grown man and has been driving in this stuff his whole life but I can't help it.I just hope it doesn't get so high in the backyard that Tyler can jump over the fence, wouldn't that be something?
I am getting nervous because my insurance company always takes my payment from my account on the first of every month or the first business day if its the weekend. THey haven't taken anything out yet. Am I still covered? I called them this morning and no one has called me back yet. I think I'll call again. I am not goingto drive in snow and not have insurance!
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
9:26 am
Feel sooo bad!!
Ijust realized how many spelling errors/typos I make. Please forgive me, I really am not that stupid. I do know how to spell. I just don't type very well and don't go back and proof read.
Rich came home this morning and is like "my mom is upset with me" I asked why and he said it was because we didn't get anything for his Grandma for X-mas. D'oh!! I guess I just forgot to put her on my list or presumed that Rich's mom was going to get it like she does EVERY year!! I don't want Sally to be upset with us. I mean I feel bad because it's almost like(to me) they gave us all of these nice things and money and here we forgot Grandma. Like we are ungrateful or something. I feel really horrible. I mean they have done so much for us and here we go and forget her. I feel like the world has ended, lol. I guess Rich's sister, Shreyl, told him this at work last night. Great, that's one person I didn't want to know. NOt that I don't like SHeryl but she has A LOT of money. SHe is single and probably makes 60-70K and later this year after she finishes some class will make 100K. I just feel like she looks down on us. And you know she probably doesn't but I just know we can't do as much or buy as much at holidays or whatnot because we don't make that kind of money. That's why I HATE the holidays. To me sometimes it's like a show what you can afford deal. Ok, I am going crazy now. I just want my cinnamon rolls!! I have been craving them since yesterday. We have so much to do today. WalMart for gorceries and stuff, I want to go buy a digital camera(and hopefully have some money left over) and then go swing by his Grandma's and give her her gift we "forgot" at home at X-mas. Plus I want to go see Meet the Fockers. We'll see.
Friday, December 31st, 2004
12:23 pm
Biggest Loset
I feel like a loser today. It's New Years. Yeah I am pregnant but I still would like to maybe do something but at the same time want to just stay home. Rich will be working too. I got invited to go downtown to watch fireworks with a guy from work and his friends. Only thing there is I am not a huge fan of downtown(traffic, crowds and people I don't know).Ok, so I could maybe go to Jessie's but they will all be drinking ans smoking. I wouldn't stay long. Maybe I will go over there for a bit. But I hate thinking about driving home and getting hit by some drunk jackass. BUt then I don't want to stay home either because I feel like that's all I ever do. What are you all doing? I wouldn't mind staying home if Rich were home, but I would be alone, with the dog. Yahoo! I just remember years ago going to clubs or when I was in CA going to TJ and partying. Part of me feels like I am past the whole partying thing but part of me says no( though I can't because I am pregnant). I just feel like HUGE loser.
Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
8:41 am
I hate money
Yesterday I got home and Rich is all depressed. I asked him what was wrong. He said his radiator light keeps coming on on his car and isn't sure if it's the water pump, radiator, thermostat, what. He asked me how much he had left to pay on his car and I told him $3000. After a few calls and seeing how bills will pan out this month we paid $1500 from savings onto it. I really didn't want to but after bills come out of this check he can pay another $500 and then next check hopefully $1000 then maybe we can go buy a new car. I just hope( HOPE SO BAD!) that this car lasts out until we can get a new one. Or maybe it is something Rich can figure and take to his dad's and fix. We just cannot afford for it to break down and have to replace an engine or something. All he does is drive it back and forth to work. If we do buy a new car all we will have to put down is hsi trade in, but it's better than nothing.
I had to call the mortgage company because I was totally confused. I had no idea how the tax thing was going to work. We got the bill fromt he county but I was told the mortgage company woudl bill us. I guess that is what escrow is for, who knew. BUt we still have to have the money in savings for when we get slammed. I am going right back to putting money in there. I hate not having the large amount we had before I paid on Rich's car. I think I will try for $100 every pay day. I am going to sit down with Rich tonite and show him what we pay every month in bills versus what we make and see if we can come up with a plan to save and get things paid off. I mean we got his Navy Fed credit card paid off and ourt only debt, not counting the house, is our cars yet I don't understand how we never have money. Oh wait, I know. Rich can;t stop spending money. I know he works hard for it, but he bought a grinder and a jump drive. Did we need them? No, and the jump drive he could care less abotu now and the grinder is just sitting there. Everytime he buys something he says this is the last time and he'll quit but then he buys something else. I know he deserves to treat himself since he works so hard for his money but shit!! ANd I feel bad for nagging at him but I get so stressed out and depressed about money. THis is the first year we are owning our home, having a kid and have acar going to shit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I want to pull my hair out. I told him I would get a second job like one night a week and he said no, since I'm pregnant. I just keep telling myself things coudl be worse. I know people who are worse off than we are, but I don't want to end up like that. I hate owing people money.
I need to start calling around for day care now. I am a little scared about the cost. I just wish I knew what Rich's schedule was going to be like next year because we might not even need it if he is going otbe home. He says they are going to be on 12 hour shifts and for 3 weeks be on days and one week on nights. Ok but do I need day care?? I guess I will just go along and presume I do and go for it. I am going to ask if I can just pay for the days the kid is there but I highly doubt it. From what I hear most places you pay whether the kid is there or not.
I HATE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
5:26 pm
Holy Crap!!
Just got back from the in-laws, we got wayyyy too much! I got some PJ's and a maternity outfit, and an ornament that says Ethan on it, $100 from his Grandma, $100 from his folks, a wreath and x-mas decorations from his sister. Rich got some tools, clothes and $100 from Grandma and $100 from his folks. We are DEFINATELY buying a digital camera with that money. I have been wanting one for so long. Plus at my work they usually have package deals where you get the camera and the printer for one price. The best though was the last gift we had to open together. I opened it and I saw baby clothes, looked brand new. THey weren't they are 33 years old. It was the outfit they brought Rich home in, and a few other outfits. Plus, I got his baby book which was cute, but then underneath it all I Pull eodut what is left of his baby blanket and as soon as I held it up Rich screamed "Fudgie!!" That is what he named his blanket and he was so excited to see it. I laughed so hard!!!But just to read through his baby book was awesome. I laughed so hard reading it because it is just so.... Rich. I love him so much. The baby moved while we were there too so his mom got to feel that, she was so excited. Now, RIch is back in bed, he has to go to work tonite. After he leaves I am going to clean like crazy!!!! To say our house is a disaster is to say the least. I made a list of each room and what I need to do in each room. Or I will forget things and back track and have to do things over. Oh well, I need to call my brother and dad now, yipee.
Friday, December 24th, 2004
8:47 am
Oh to Breathe!!
Well, I made it to 2 yesterday then happily went to the ENT. THe nurse looked at me and was like "oh dear you look miserable." So, the Doc comes in and first thing he says is "Oh...you're preggo." I almost started bawling right there thinking he wouldn't be able to do anything for me.He said that was OK since he wrote an article for some medical magazine about pregnant women and their sinuses. He looked at my eyes and said I was in bad shape. And that was even before he looked up my nose! He checks my ears, then my nose. Oh that metal thing up my nose felt good just because it was cold. He said not only do I have the pregnancy rhinitis(sp?) but I also have a sinus infection that I have had for some time only made worse by the sprays I have been using. He said it probably started as a fall allergy thingy and just festered from there. He told me to stop using the sprays I had immediately, which I already had for 2 days. I now have to take amoxicillan for two weeks and he wrote me a scrip for a special nose spray that I only need twice a day. It is one the pharmacist had to mix hersefl b/c it took an hour to get it. I took a hot shower as soon as I got home and then did the spray. I could breathe through my nose!! I actually slept last night too. It was just hard this morning b/c after I got up and blew my nose I was blocked again so it was hard to think that the spray would get up there but it did. I am in a much better mood today. I am just so happy I was able to sleep.
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
9:18 am
Can't think of a title
Wow, it's only 9am and today is already a doozy. Yesterday I had my 3 hour diabetes test. I showed up there at 7:30 and the lady was like "We don't have a work order, it must not have come through on the fax." I got no sleep the night before due to my sinuses and was in a bad mood. I said I don't care, you are doing this test today.So they did it and I spent 3 wonderful hours diong nothing. They took blood 4 times, which is no big deal.But the last time the girl was unsure about my vein and was like " I hope I don't miss." I thought to myself if you miss I will punch you in the face. But she got it and I finally got to eat but I was really chakey when I got to work.
Today I am going to see an ear,nose and throat doctor. Last night again I got maybe 3 hours of sleep if I was lucky. My sinuses were and are so plugged up I cannot breathe hrough my nose and nothing moves. It's like I have plugs in my nose. I bawled last night, this morning and want to some more. I was going to go to urgent care then I thought no I'll give Sudafed a try. Well, that was 2 hours ago and Im still plugged up. I think the use of my sprays may have backfired on me. But I think I may have an infection b/c my ears are plugged up too. I can't even blow my nose b/c it is plugged up or swollen. At least the ENT will go up in there and see what is going on.I don't know what he can give me though, but at least he is at the same hospitol as my parinatologist.
I just want to cry because I know Rich is frustrated too. He told me last night he has never heard anyone with sinuses like mine and he has bad sinuses his whole life. I feel like this will make him not want to have anymore kids. I mean when he heard I had to do the diabetes test he said somethng about htis being our only one. I don't want it to be that way. I want more kids. And who's to say that the next one will have me in this condition? I almost don't feel connected to the kid yet I do. I know that is bad, it's not like I am mad at the kid for doing ths to me I am just really frustrated. Frustrated I can't sleep, then it makes my day at work worse, the animals want to sleep with us but I can't do that right now. I just feel like a really horrible person.Then I think is the kid OK? He doesn't really move during the day mostly at night, but I get scared when he doesn't move. I wish so bad I didn't have to be at work. But then I am not sure I would want to be at home having to deal with the animals or Rich telling me how to clean my nose out. I know he is the expert because he has bad sinuses but it's hard to explain to him that there really isn't anything up there my sinus passages are just so swollen I can't breathe. I know he is just trying to help and last night he made dinner which was awesome but I just want to cry. I feel bad too for mising all of this work. Granted I have made up all of my time, but I will feel bad because every week or two I have an appointment and now this.
I want 2:15 to get here I want to see the doc now!!!!!
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